After one month of intense beta testing, we’re excited to finally release Admix 2.0 to the world! A faster, lighter, better performing version of the Admix plugin, and a brand new developer platform!

What to do

Login to the new developer platform at using your existing credentials. All your apps and data will be migrated to the new UI – just like magic!

  • Download the new Unity plugin at
  • Install the plugin in your Unity projects and upgrade your apps following these steps
  • Any issues/questions? don’t panic – just contact :)h

⚠️ This is a mandatory update, and any change you make with previous plugins will not appear on the new developer platform as it is a separate service. Please update all of your applications before Friday 13th of November so we can fully migrate to this new service!

What’s new 

Plugin UI

Switch between projects, or rename apps or placements. A clean, simple interface to manage your inventory.

Creative renderer

Shadows, lightmaps, and shader support. 3x faster ad rendering with Admix’s proprietary technology.

Developer dashboard

All your apps in one place. Global performance at a glance. 

Advanced reporting

Create custom charts to build your own dashboard. Breakdown per app, country, or ad format, to understand and optimize your performance 

App versioning

We’ve introduced app versioning to keep track of plugin updates and manage versions currently live in the store

Team management

Large team? No problem. Invite your colleagues with different permissions and collaborate perfectly!

[Upgrade to 2.0 now]

As always, any questions, issues, or feedback just email or your account manager. More to come soon!

Jump in, it's freeeeee 🎉

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worldwide are working with us already!

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