We believe in the proverb which opens, “It takes a village to raise a child…” A communal partnership, togetherness and a group of like-minded people is key to success. The success of Admix would be nothing without several groups of people; brands, game developers and those who play the games. 

We like to recognize that all of our achievements with our In-Play product, plus what we have planned for our exciting future, can only happen with a great community of people surrounding us. Which is why we find community to be such an important part of our personal growth, as well as the growth of others.

An important tool within our community is communication; the ability to talk to others, discuss projects, problem solve and even blow off a little steam. This is why we use Discord as part of our working day, and why we invite you to join us. Of course, you can also find us talking about games, technology and the metaverse through our Twitter and LinkedIn pages, too.

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Sharing our Passions

Here, we talk to Mikey Walsh, who has worked with Admix for two years as a content creator and part of our community management team. Mikey started off as our ‘plugin genius’ helping anyone and everyone to utilize our In-Play SDK. Now, a large part of Mikey’s role is to take care of our community of developers and gamers, through our Discord server.

The admix community is full of game developers who use the Admix In-Play SDK, but also a variety of gamers” says Mikey, “we love to share our passion for videogames.” Admix prides itself on being a forward-thinking company and we’ve begun welcoming a wave of newcomers interested in the advent of Web3 and the metaverse. “Yes, there’s a lot of speculation and conversation about the metaverse, it’s very exciting” notes Mikey.

Community is not only important to us at Admix, but for developers on the whole. Creating and coding can be a very rewarding activity, but it can also be full of hurdles to overcome. “The best thing about developers and designers, is that they love to share; what they’re working on, seeing the work of others and solving problems together” continues Mikey, “developers are great at finding things you didn’t think of before.”

The Admix Discord community is not only for those who use our In-Play technology, we like to welcome everyone whether you are working on a new game, or love to experience games as a whole. We have tailored our Discord servers and channels to encompass everybody. It’s a great place to ask for help with In-Play and hear back from our engineers swiftly, but we also love the humor and conversation people bring every day.

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Everyone is Welcome

Talking to Mikey about the future of the Admix community, he is eager, “I’d love for our community to be the place for gamers and developers to join together. We’ve got so many exciting events and projects coming throughout 2022!” Continuing further Mikey would love to even see brands joining in on discussions, “it would be great for brands to join us, the Discord is a great place to find out about what Admix can do for you and your products.”

Our community, of course, goes beyond Discord. We love hearing from developers and publishers via our social channels, it gives us a wealth of options on how we can best support everyone who is a part of Admix in some way. Further explaining this, is our COO and Co-Founder, Joe Bachle-Morris, “we’ve been lucky at Admix because since we talk to our publishers on a daily basis they asked us to create the community very early on. It’s been a huge source of incredible feedback on how we’re developing our product, and up to the second comments on what’s going on with our tech, and the core basis of our technical support. We couldn’t do without it.”

You can join our Discord by following this handy link. Come along, introduce yourself, we can’t wait to meet you!

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