When developing your XR project, it can be difficult to get users to try out your experience. Luckily, if you are struggling to get people to try out your project these resources can help you! If you need feedback for design improvements or just want to get more traffic, there are several ways in which you can expand and grow your user base.  This resource will help you find over 100 places to get free traffic to your XR project. Let’s dive in.

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First of all, it’s important to know that there are already established communities that exist to draw users to your project. These sites are a great place not just to cultivate a larger userbase, but also a resource to find mentorship, other valuable tools, and receive feedback.

Consider joining the Admix Academy Facebook Group which is a wonderful place to start. We provide a ton of resources like these lists to keep you in the loop about what kinds of resources you can use to improve your project.

Here are some communities worth checking out!


Speaking of online communities, blogs are a fantastic place to start to find a new and wider audience. Getting your project mentioned in the right blog can be an invaluable resource providing much-needed coverage and newfound users. Blogs also provide important advice, news, reviews, tools, and all manner of help to your next project. However, finding the right blog to help you can be a challenge.

Here are some blogs that can offer some help to get you started and jump-start your next project.

Next Big Product

If you need feedback for your project then Next Big Product is the place to go. This blog offers unbiased product reviews providing awesome feedback and new potential fans for your next XR project.

Specifically, they cover all sorts of web and mobile based products. Hopefully, their feedback will help you give your project a huge benefit on both pre- and post- production, resulting in the next big product! They also have a ton of other valuable resources to check out from tech articles, round the clock tech support, industry tips, and marketing services.


Get your project much-needed exposure with TechCrunch right now! From the makers of CrunchBase, Crunchies and TechCrunch Disrupt, and they have a bunch of fantastic communities to connect with so that you’ll never be looking for testers, users, or collaborators again. Check them out and start hustling now if you haven’t heard of them.


Looking to fund your XR project? Then be sure to check out Gust, the go-to platform for entrepreneurs to find manage and fund their new ventures. Gust has tons of knowledge and tools to support your project from startup to exit. They’ve helped over 500,000 companies, collaborated with over 75,000 accredited investors, powered over 2,000 investment organizations, and are more than prepared to help you too!


If you want to get the scoop on the latest on the tech industry then VentureBeat is the place to go. VentureBeat is a technology website featuring news, analysis, interviews, and videos covering every aspect of the tech industry. Consider contacting the editorial team or a sponsored post as a way to ensure you reach VentureBeat’s audience.


Next, if you are looking for help then directories are chock full of a ton of information on everything you could possibly need. Use them as a resource to help you find users and collaborators, stay updated on industry trends, and find inspiration and ideas.

Be sure to check out these awesome XR directory opportunities!

Facebook Groups

Whether you’re an XR developer or just an enthusiast who wants to get involved in the tech space then Facebook groups are a fantastic place to collaborate and grow your network of supporters. We recommend checking out startup groups as they provide a platform for developers to showcase their work, get traffic, and obtain feedback. Be sure to search for XR groups nearby in addition to startup groups as both are great resources providing industry news, advice, and valuable networking opportunities as well.

Here are just a few examples of the many groups worth exploring.


Reddit, the self-described “front page of the internet” is the third most visited website in the U.S. and the sixth most visited website in the world. This discussion and web content rating site has many unique online communities that can provide all sorts of valuable info for your XR project. It can be a little confusing to navigate at first so if you haven’t visited the site before go to this page to see the rules and FAQs. Each subreddit has their own rules so make sure to check them out before posting. Here are a few examples of subreddits to help you start your search for the right match.


One of the largest communities on Reddit, /r/programming has all the info you could ever want about coding and learning how to do it. They have a list of more targeted subreddits and discussion threads covering topics such as getting a job, beating procrastination, and solving your programming problems. If you have a question about your project or want to make a post to get people interested, this is the place to get started. Just be sure to follow the moderator’s rules about posting which can be found here.


This subreddit is, of course, about entrepreneurship. But they are always interested in checking out new projects, solving problems, collaborating, and networking. This wonderful community is a great place to get some buzz going about your latest project. They are always open to new ideas and if you are thinking about growing your XR project, this is the place for you!


/r/SideProject is the place to share and receive constructive feedback on your side projects. While not as big as the programming subreddit this is still a useful place to post your project, designs, or ideas, to get awesome feedback!


This is the place to help designers improve their projects through reviews and critiques, here experienced designers offer advice on the more artistic aspects of a project. Here they cover anything design related as opposed, to other subreddits that may offer more general suggestions. If you are a veteran designer be sure to sign up and contribute to others’ projects and share your constructive suggestions.


Are you looking for users to test out your project? Then /r/alphaandbetausers is the perfect place to start. In this subreddit innovators offer suggestions and act as early users to tell developers how to improve their projects. This is one of the best places to find early users and gain traffic for your XR project.


Do you want to grow your XR project into a business? Well, here you can ask or give business feedback and advice. Everyone is welcome from entrepreneurs, owners, startups, small businesses, nonprofits, experts, engineers, designers, marketing & social media professionals, inventors, investors, IT professionals, lawyers, accountants, and consultants

Finding more resources

If you want to learn more about how to grow and scale your XR startup there are tons of free resources posted onto the Admix Academy Facebook Group. Best of all it’s completely free to sign up and start utilizing the free tools that they provide.

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