Less than a week after revealing our funding round, I am super excited to announce that Admix has just completed the acquisition of VRFocus, one of the leading publications focussed on VR and AR. Established in 2014, VRFocus has grown to become a true pioneer in the space; first to report breaking industry news and full of exclusive content from all corners of the world.

Personally, VRFocus has always been my destination site to keep in touch with the latest in the VR/AR industry. It’s where I first learnt about VR. It is the place where I first heard of Superhot, and followed the retrospective of Oculus Connect and E3. Their focus (pardon the pun) on celebrating content and developers is what makes VRFocus special and respected by the community. Ask anyone in the VR/AR industry, and chances are they are regulars on this site.

More recently, it is the one of first outlet that ever covered our story, and the first outlet I ever contributed for. So when we heard of the opportunity to be a part of it, we did not hesitate long. Can you imagine the VR world without VRFocus? Helping to keep it going was a no brainer. 

Moreover, VRFocus and Admix’s vision are very much aligned. While VRFocus showcases VR’s awesomeness, Admix’s community, VR/AR Pioneers celebrates developers and aims to empower them to be successful. Bringing VRFocus as part of the family is another move to bring more value to the community.

Of course, the two entities will remain completely separated. VRFocus will retain its name and its editorial independence. Our friend Kevin Joyce, VRFocus’s recently resigned editor in chief and CEO, has agreed to come back as a consultant to oversee the transition. Over the next few months, we will focus on delivering more exclusive access to the XR community. We would also love to hear from you, the readers, how we can improve your experience.

Overall, I’m super bullish about the future of VRFocus as a guiding light in the community and excited to see how it will grow with the industry over the next few years.

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