5 years ago, I was running an indie studio developing and publishing hypercasual games – before hypercasual was even a thing. I distinctly remember the joy and relief of finishing off a prototype of my first game, an arcade trading sim that ended up trending at #2 in its category for a few weeks. That felt great, but the one thing I’m most proud of was creating a great experience for my users inside that game.

It’s the gameplay that will make or break the experience. Get it wrong, and users will desert the game immediately. Get it right, and they might play forever. 

Since 2018, we have been on a mission to build a business model for game creators that facilitates the user experience instead of detracting from it. Over 300 apps are now relying on Admix to to monetize every instant of their gameplay, so we have definitely gotten something right 🙂 – and this is just the beginning. 

It’s time to give this relentless focus on the user experience a name. But how do you define 2 years of work in a few words? In-game posters, product placements, or virtual out of home just don’t do it justice.

At Admix, we have a very diverse team – 35 people, 13 nationalities, and all strong personalities. Some of us are creators, most of us are gamers. But what unites us is this passion for creativity and respect for the creators. As a result, the gameplay is the one thing we will never compromise on. We wouldn’t dare. You are the creator and the only master of your gameplay. 

This is why, instead of interrupting the game, Admix gives you complete freedom to craft your own advertising experience directly where the action is; within the gameplay. In short, in-play.

When we first came up with in-play as a name for the type of monetisation we are building, it immediately fit like a glove. It does what it says on the tin, and conveys our passion for what really matters after all – a great moment of play.

So if you ever need to describe what we’re doing, or where we’re going – now you know what to say.

See you in-play,
Sam Huber
Admix CEO

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