Less than 3 months after announcing a $7 million Series A round (and about two years after our initial seed funding), we are immensely happy to announce a funding round extension of $1.5 million, bringing the total round to $8.5 million.

This time, we are honoured to announce that Marcus Segal, previously COO of Zynga Studios, and Nigel Morris, previously CEO of Dentsu Aegis, are joining the round. This is alongside a number of executives working in the gaming and advertising space who are currently unnamed.

From the very beginning of this business, we had one goal in mind: to provide the infrastructure for brands to engage with an ever-growing number of gamers (growing even more in the mobile space since the advent of Covid-19) in a way that is non-intrusive, and beneficial to both developers and players alike. 

We are proud and humbled that others see the unique value in this goal, and – even more humbling – this further investment was actually unplanned. We received so many offers for further funding following the Series A announcement which led to a number of strategic investors being “allowed” to join the round. 

This support reaffirms the goals we have set out and allows us to accelerate our tech stack for the 300 and growing list of publishers that support their hard work through our platform. We intend to grow our tech team to 30 developers by the end of 2020 and provide even more value for the advertisers, publishers, developers, and players who put their faith in us by using the Admix platform.

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