We’re coming up to award season now and our partner publication VRFocus is holding their own VR/AR/MR awards show!

They’re called the The Better-Than-Reality Awards, and – unlike a lot of other awards shows out there – it’s completely community driven. That means no judges, no committees, no BS, and full power to you to decide the best products and companies in the XR space this year.

And, because a people’s choice vote is all about empowering the readers, there’s even an open entry section where you can nominate a person, company, bit of tech, or game in a category of your creation.

Here’s what you can vote on to start with though:

  • Most Promising XR Startups
  • Top XR Influencer
  • Favourite VR Hardware
  • Best VR Game of 2020
  • Best Enterprise Solution
  • Best AR Application
  • Best LBE Experience
  • Global Impact Award

VRFocus has also enlisted the help of a few category ambassadors for each topic who are big names in each area. They’ll be putting out content explaining why their field is the best, and encouraging more people to vote.

Voting is open NOW, and closes on the 14th of December. Click below and get your choices heard, and read about the amazing people in XR working hard to revolutionise how we interact with content.


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