Today, we couldn’t be happier to announce our official partnership with Somnium Space, a virtual world building a truly decentralised ecosystem 🙌🌍  Together, we’ll be helping brands enter the metaverse while offering Somnium creators a brand new way to monetize their virtual land. 

We are also incredibly proud to be joined by Cloud9 — top esports company based in California — as our launching brand partner to become the first official advertiser on these NFT billboard network inside Somnium Metaverse!

For brands, places like Somnium Space are a glimpse into the future of brand advertising: a 3D world where brands are experienced just like they are in the real world. For creators, Somnium Space is a perfect display of how your creative abilities can and will translate to the virtual real estate that will make up Web 3.0.

Our first collaboration is an exclusive NFT drop of exclusive billboards starting Sunday 14th November 2021. Somnium Space users will be able to place these billboards in their parcels and generate advertising revenue from their plot of land. If you want to skip the details and jump straight into buying one of those NFTs, go here:

This collab has been in the works for a long, long time already.

Artur Sychov, Somnium’s CEO and Sam, Admix’s CEO, met at a VR conference in 2017, when both companies were just starting up. Admix was in the process of building our pioneering In-Play tech, and Somnium Space was building the infrastructure to create the world’s first persistent and decentralized equity crowdfunded virtual world.

Today, Admix’s tech is underpinning the monetization layer of the metaverse, and Somnium sold millions worth of virtual land and other NFTs – consistently in the top 5 most active projects. Somnium has also announced their plans to build an open metaverse, and have earned investment from the Winklevoss twins to achieve that aim. 

For those that don’t know, Somnium Space is an intensely creative environment. Users can buy parcels of virtual land, raise custom buildings on that land, design avatars, and even sell their creations. There’s already an immense amount of experiences on the platform. Some highlights include an NFT art museum, a planetarium, a bowling hall, and weekly events like parties — all inside this digital world.

With Admix technology, Somnium creators can now bring brand experiences to their parcels and get paid for doing it.

We’ll be releasing 15 exclusive billboards in total which will come in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Extra Large. There will be weekly drops in bundles of 3 starting from November 14th and ending on December 18th. 

You can buy your Admix x Somnium NFTs on OpenSea when the auction opens, place those NFT billboards in your parcel, and get up to 90% of the revenue that the NFTs generate paid in $CUBE monthly, based on the NFT you select.

This wouldn’t be possible without our first advertiser partner –, the most popular esport organisation in the world. Cloud9 will be the first brand to place their logo on the billboards!

But this is just the beginning.

Over the next few months, as these billboards get installed, we’ll be bringing more and more brands into the metaverse and into your parcels. Cloud9 will be joined by various other brands which will maximize creator’s revenue!

Brand experiences will be popping up everywhere, and more brands in the space means more revenue for creators, who are always in control of the ad experience. Together, this creates a new revenue stream for the creator economy of the Metaverse. We’re excited to be pioneering that!

Keep an eye out for more exciting announcements from Admix in the near future 🚀 🌕

Want to be part of the action? Get your NFT billboard now on OpenSea!



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