Today, we have deployed updates on our developer platform. These updates are focussed on helping us understand your apps better and maximise your revenue. Here is what has changed.

Upgraded UI

We have removed the header – instead, main menus are available from the left menu bar, so you have a full screen to manage your apps and review your reports.

The navigation between Setup, Info and Reporting page is now available across all pages, enabling you to switch between tabs seamlessly.

Audience breakdown

We have upgraded the App Info page, with more fields to fill so we can understand your app better:

  • App data (DAU/MAU)
  • Geographics (US/UK/EU/APAC)
  • Demographics (gender split)

These fields are not mandatory, but they help us forecast the amount of inventory your app will generate, classify it by market, and prioritise it with our advertisers. The more we know about your inventory, the better we can can sell it to targeted to targeted advertisers and maximise your revenue!

Revenue calculator

Similar to the one we have on our website, we have added a revenue calculator in the App Info page of each of your apps on our developer platform.

The required inputs are:

  • Monthly Active Users for this app
  • Average number of Session / User / Month
  • Number of ads placed in your app with Admix

We can then compute how much revenue this app is expected to generate per month, based on some dynamic parameters like current CPMs and local fill rate.

Please note that these figures are for indication only, to help you forecast potential revenue, and can vary a lot based on our fill rate and the location of your users.

We would love to hear your feedback and comments on these new features and suggestions for us to build 🚀