March is over – here is a short summary of things that got updated on our platform this month 📈

Developer Platform

Ready to go Live?

We have introduced an important change in the new app development process. To protect our advertisers and reduce the risk of fraud, all new apps now have to go through moderation before we permit displaying real ads.

The process included an additional ‘Pending’ stage between Sandbox and Live for us to do checks on the application.

Our checks ensure that developers have configured placements correctly, and ads render correctly. By doing so, advertisers have more confidence in our solution, leading to more money for developers 💰

During the review time, the app will behave as if it is in the Sandbox state and will continue showing test ads. After the review, which takes about 1h and only need to be done once, the app state will change to “Live” automatically if it is accepted.

Unreal Plugin

We have released an update for the Unreal plugin version 1.5.1, which is still in beta. Besides performance improvements, this is what is new:
OBJ export
You can now can export your scene 3D representation to the Admix developer platform, a more user friendly option to locate your placements on the 3D scene during configuration.
Sandbox ads
Just like the Unity plugin, the Unreal plugin will show a placeholder that emulates a real ad in Sandbox mode, or remain transparent in case no ad can be served.
The Beta testing programme for the Admix plugin for Unreal continues. Let us know if you want to join by writing to