Hypemasters are a dynamic indie studio commanding over 2 million players by creating hyper-addictive, and hype-inducing games for mobile. They’re a studio making highly ambitious games, so how they make the best use of their time is one of their greatest challenges. Of course that challenge hasn’t stopped development on two upcoming, big projects.


Hypemasters were working full speed on their upcoming projects, and putting a lot of time and energy on active development. They wanted to increase the revenue of their hit game Hype City – Idle Tycoon, but were concerned that integrating a whole other monetisation stream in it would create too many delays in their other work. 

They needed a powerful monetisation solution that could provide that strong boost in income without needing weeks to build into their game, or hurting their current retention.


Admix’s In-Play ads delivered exactly what they needed and more. Thanks to the plug-in’s streamlined design, Hypemasters went from downloading Admix to going live with In-Play ads in just 25 minutes!

And, even better, because In-Play ads monetise in-game spaces non-intrusively, Hypemasters saw no impact to their retention rate. That means that every ad that they implemented was extra revenue for them without hurting how much fun players had in Hype City. With full creative control over ad placement and appearance, Hypemasters have been experimenting with tweaking those ads to push their results even further.


By using In-Play ads by Admix, Hypemasters managed to boost their overall ad impressions per gameplay session significantly without touching their retention or session times at all. That’s allowed them to unlock 18% more revenue overall and a 22% boost in ad revenue specifically. That’s a whole new revenue stream that was entirely untapped previously.

The studio now has even more financial support for future dev projects without sacrificing any of that dev time to create it.

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