HGames are a small indie studio that has been skyrocketing in popularity for some time now, hitting a glorious peak this summer as they rose to the top charts of mobile app stores. Their games have been played and loved by millions of players around the world, and their growth trajectory is still shooting for the stars.


HGames’ player base and download counts were rising fast and they needed a monetisation solution that could scale with them. Other options gave small, incremental revenue boosts by increasing ad frequency, but increasing that kind of intrusive advertising runs the risk of putting off players. In the long run, that would have just had a negative effect on their revenue.

HGames needed a non-intrusive, high revenue ad option with real-time analytics that could scale as fast as them. In-Play ads by Admix was just the solution they needed.


Using Admix’s In-Play ads, HGames were able to boost their monetisation strategy in a completely non-intrusive way. Better still, In-Play scales with their business perfectly.

The format is so flexible thanks to our tech running behind the scenes and connecting seamlessly with thousands of advertisers. HGames simply places ad spaces in their virtual game worlds, advertisers buy those spaces, and HGames makes revenue every time a player looks at one of those ads. 


Using In-Play ads by Admix, HGames boosted their ARPDAU (Average Revenue Per Daily Active User) by an amazing 31%, and is now responsible for 25% of the studio’s total revenue – more than any other format they’re using!


“It’s been amazing to watch HGames scale and I’m so proud that Admix delivered the results for them. We’ve spent years refining our technology and the fact that 85% of our team are engineers highlights this. We are super excited about becoming the go-to provider for in-play ads as the format truly goes mainstream over the next 12 months.”

– Sam Huber, Founder and CEO of Admix

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