Two weeks ago, we released our proof-of-concept NFT billboards as part of our partnership with virtual world Somnium Space. With the help of Admix’s technology, brands can place these billboards onto their virtual land and profit from any ad revenue they generate.

The response has been overwhelming, with sales of nearly $200,000 from our first 6 billboards alone. To keep the ball rolling, we’re thrilled to announce that this week, we will be raising funds for Movember as part of our NFT drop with our limited ‘Movember Edition’ billboards.

Want to help? Keep reading to learn more about the significance of Movember, as well as how you can join our efforts by checking out our fundraising link and NFT billboard collection below.

First, what is Movember?

Movember is an annual movement that helps steer awareness and funds towards issues related to men’s health — particularly (but not limited to) the areas of prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention.

Each year in the month of November, men across the globe are called to draw awareness to these critical health issues by growing their very best mustache. This is often done alongside special events, sponsorships, and/or fundraising campaigns.

Why are we raising funds for Movember?

It is widely believed that men’s health is in a state of crisis.

Worldwide, it’s estimated that one man dies by suicide every minute of every day. Suicide is also listed as the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45. Some of the biggest contributing factors behind these numbers include the discouragement of emotional expression in males, widespread underdiagnosed depression, and higher likelihoods of self-medication.

An estimated 12,000 men in the UK also die each year from prostate cancer alone. However, both prostate and testicular cancers are both highly treatable and preventable if they are caught early. 

To combat these facts, the Movember Foundation aims to promote better health, prevention, and early intervention for illnesses and deaths in men around the world. By raising awareness of these numbers, Movember’s goal is to encourage men to undergo cancer screenings, speak openly about mental health issues, and avoid being part of these statistics.

How have we collaborated with Movember to help?

Over the past couple of years, our team has witnessed how the gaming community can bring people together, forge special connections, and spark conversations about important causes. The gaming space has also helped foster a social connection that the pandemic has prevented us from having in-person. As members of this space, we have made a series of contributions towards the Movember cause.

Earlier this year, Admix was proud to collaborate with Movember to launch a series of targeted In-Play ads featuring Movember’s signature ‘mustache’ branding. This allowed us to deliver the important message about men’s health to a male audience at the perfect time: while they were engaged in gameplay and more reachable.

How have we made this week’s delivery extra special?

To wrap up our Movember efforts, our team at Admix is excited to release our limited ‘Movember Edition’ NFT billboards this week. We will be:

  • Adding special ‘Movember Edition’ mustaches to our NFT billboards, to raise awareness for men’s health
  • Directly contributing 100% of our NFT sales this week to our Movember fundraiser

Don’t miss out on our limited edition NFT billboards — be sure to check out our collection on OpenSea. Donations can also be made to our Movember fundraiser here.

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