Adbank, a blockchain based ad platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Advir, the first programmatic monetization platform for VR and AR. The partnership will explore Adbank connecting to Advir’s VR/AR inventory through the use of their ADB tokens.

The two companies target different markets and have separate objectives, but their vision is aligned.

“We both recognize ad fraud as a massive issue crippling the industry,” explains Sam Huber, Advir’s CEO. “At Advir, we are doing our part by validating impressions with gaze tracking, to minimize bot traffic for example. But fraud can happen at many other levels, and talking to the Adbank team, it was pretty clear they were best equipped to deal with that.”

Adbank’s ADB tokenized ecosystem eliminates the noise of non-advertising based transactions to provide its patent-pending anti-fraud AI engine the cleanest possible data to dramatically reduce the problem of ad fraud.

“We care deeply about taking the advertising industry into a brighter future guided by technological innovation. This is why it was obvious to partner with a company like Advir to prepare for the coming VR/AR revolution. They have created a system that does something very complex without changing the process advertisers are used to and already comfortable with,” said Adbank’s CMO Angelo Dodaro.

“VR and AR are an inevitable part of our future and providing revenue streams to publishers is critical to seeing this exciting space grow. I’m personally thrilled that Adbank can be a part of that while providing advertisers the cutting edge tools to ensure their campaigns don’t get left behind as technology evolves.”

Advir is the first programmatic monetization platform aimed at VR and AR. The solution enables content owners to define area of their content (the inventory) that will be sold to advertisers – such as billboards or 3D placements in virtual or augmented reality environments. It is then selling this inventory to large ad networks like AOL or Yahoo.

“The exciting part about working with Adbank is formulating a plan that can give us the benefits of the blockchain without the drawbacks, such as using a separate browser. It creates no friction for our publishers and advertisers. In a way, it is an experiment and we are excited to advocate it to our clients,” says Advir founder Sam Huber.

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