About 8 months ago, we made a bet to invest in building a community of VR/AR founders and creators. Creators are really the ones pioneering the industry and pushing it forward, so the name VR/AR Pioneers felt really appropriate. Since then, this invite-only group has grown to become one of the largest spaces for developers on Facebook, with close to 7000 members, over 70% of which have been active at least once.

Our community is designed to celebrate XR successes and empower developers to be successful. We share all about the business side of VR/AR – fundraising, marketing, acquisition and monetization. In particular, what makes the Pioneers community special is that we don’t just talk the talk, but we walk the walk. Every week, we share our own internal resources, to help developers market their apps, raise funding, or acquire users. Our team has spent hundreds of hours preparing resources, and responded to thousands of comments to send them.

Starting this community has been one of the best decisions we have made at Admix, so I am thrilled to announce that we are doubling down on that.

Today, we are launching vrarpioneers.com, a platform complementing the Facebook group and making it much easier to find all these resources, deals and articles that would otherwise get inundated in comments and lost in the Facebook algorithm.

The action will still happen in the Facebook group – resources, news, features and deals will always be posted there first – but they’ll eventually be collated on vrarpioneers.com. You can think of it as a safe archive for our buzzing group, a more intimate place to interact with our content and learn at your own pace.

In addition from resources, vrarpioneers.com will feature long form features, articles, videos and interviews from the best content creators, developers and entrepreneurs in the XR space.

Led by kevin Joyce, former CEO of VRFocus and now Evangelist at Admix, we aim to establish vrarpioneers.com as a true reference to inspire the next generation of XR developers. Bookmark vrarpioneers.com today, and we will keep fresh content coming your way.

In a decade, we hope that people look back at articles featuring the foundation of the XR industry and think – wow, those were the true Pioneers.

If you are running a company in the VR/AR space and want to write for us, we would love to hear from you. Connect with kevin.joyce@admixplay.com to get started.

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