Today, we’re excited to roll out 14-day payment terms for our game developers!

While this might not sound like the most exciting announcement at a glance, the game devs amongst you should get excited to get paid within 14 days of the end of the month. 

As an ex-game dev myself, I quickly noticed how ridiculous industry payment terms are, with 90 or even 120-day clauses totally in the mainstream. As a result, studios have to wait months to receive their hard-earned cash, which can have a serious effect on their growth.

These terms do not help anyone, but they became a standard of the ‘advertising chain’: monetization platforms have to wait for the advertiser network, who blames the agencies or advertisers for long payment terms. That chain is the main reason for the delay – and at the end of it, game developers are paying the price for it. 

We wanted to change that, and it starts today.

Admix’s DNA is to build things that make developers’ lives easier – such as our in-play monetization platform, but also by standing up to these nonsense standards and changing what we have the power to change.

Note that new studios will have the option to remain on the old payment terms (90 days) in exchange for a better revenue share, whilst existing studios opting in will be migrated to the new payment terms starting July.

Our goal is to empower you, the creators, to be successful, and it will be our privilege to deliver your hard earned revenue early, for once! And expect more of these kind of announcements very soon.

To your success,

Samuel, Admix CEO

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