The Admix team is thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership with Ocean Outdoor — a leading UK-based provider of digital connectivity in the OOH (Out-of-Home) world. Ocean are behind a long list of highly successful experiential campaigns, which can be found in various cities across the UK.

Together with Ocean Outdoor, Admix plans to digitally replicate popular real-world sites and bring them to life in the virtual world. Through this collaboration, Ocean’s brands will gain the invaluable opportunity to advertise within both our games and in the metaverse.

Keep reading to learn more about our exciting plans with Ocean Outdoor, which are set to launch in 2022.

Who are Ocean Outdoor?

Using the latest technology and research, Ocean Outdoor are behind some of the UK’s most epic Out-of-Home advertising setups. This includes the stunning, large-scale screens found at the world-famous Piccadilly Lights, London IMAX, the Two Towers East, the Birmingham Media Eyes, and many more. 

Ocean also holds exclusive rights for its advertising space on both Westfield mall locations in London and Stratford City — two of the largest shopping centers in Europe. These shopping destinations have a combined 87m footfall, as well as a total of £3.5 billion in sales revenue each year.

The power behind outdoor advertising

While it should go without saying, the immensity of large-scale billboards makes them a highly impactful and eye-catching form of advertising. A great image is worth a thousand words, but a dynamic outdoor advertisement has the power to reach millions of potential consumers when placed in the right location.

As pioneers of the Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising category in 2005, Ocean Outdoor have brought the media channel to the forefront of UK digital marketing. By combining factors associated with “location, research, data, and unique technology”, Ocean has led a number of engaging and successful campaigns across the nation. According to their official website, their advertisements account for around 50% of all OOH spend.

Taking Out-of-Home advertising to the next level

Like Admix, Ocean Outdoor is always finding new ways to engage viewers digitally. The Ocean team believes that “the most progressive of modern marketers is one that understands the combination of the accuracy and accountability of digital” and that “the impact, trust, and fame-building abilities, delivered by the overtness of Out-of-Home, is a winning formula in today’s cluttered advertising market.”

Last year, Ocean Outdoor used AR technology to enhance the overall viewing experience for audiences and provide them with more immersive 3D experiences. For instance, viewers can now play virtual games on their mobile devices while standing in front of the iconic Piccadilly Lights (such as popping a cork from a 3D champagne bottle or “throwing” a virtual javelin across Piccadilly Square). Using their fingers, they can also sweep across a virtual model that has been designed to replicate the scale of the big screen.

Both the Admix and Ocean Outdoor teams are excited to bring their expertise in digital monetization to the table. By deferring to Ocean for their knowledge of popular landmarks and campaign effectiveness, our team at Admix are excited to replicate a similar engagement dynamic in the virtual world.

Admix’s plans for digital recreation and monetization

As part of our collaboration with Ocean Outdoor, Admix will be recreating virtual iterations of famous, high-traffic locations with dynamic Out-of-Home advertisements.

These include:

With this launch, brands will now have the opportunity to purchase their own blocks of virtual land inside these digital recreations. These blocks will come equipped with Ocean-based advertising spaces that will match their real-life counterparts.

To fill these advertising spaces, Admix will be releasing a series of new NFT billboard collections that will also be available for purchase. With these NFT billboards, brands will be able to insert dynamic, non-intrusive advertisements inside of their own virtual spaces and monetize from any ad revenue generated. 

Any of Ocean Outdoor’s associated brands will also now be able to increase their engagement through our In-Play ads.

Real-world billboards

To maximize our outreach, various iconic sites across the UK will even be part of Admix’s real-world releases in 2022. Thanks to Ocean Outdoor, we’ll have the opportunity to advertise our NFT collections on real-life billboards. This will allow us to target millions of spectators across the country.

Stay tuned for more!

As we reach the end of our most eventful year yet, the Admix team is excited to see what we can unlock with Ocean Outdoor. Be sure to watch our space and stay tuned for more updates, drops, and reveals by the Admix and Ocean partnership in 2022 — you won’t want to miss out on what we’ve got in store!


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