As the leading monetisation platform for XR (and games), Admix’s main goal is to help you maximize your revenue by connecting to the largest ad networks and premium advertisers. In this short tutorial, we outline 3 things you can do on your end to maximize your revenue with Admix.

  1. Grow your userbase

This one is obvious, but the most important thing you need to generate revenue is a large userbase. Advertising requires scale to work, as it is paid per thousand views. Of course you can use Admix to monetize apps of any scale, but realistically, meaningful revenues can be expected above 1000 daily active users. The more engaged your users and the longest they spend in your app, the more revenue you’ll make.

You can use our Calculator to estimate your revenue based on your monthly active users!


  1. Create more inventory

As opposed to mobile advertising which limits the inventory to one pre-roll video or a few interstitials, Admix’s non-intrusive inventory is virtually unlimited. You make revenue for each ad that loads in your scene, so the more placements you add in the scene, the more money you make. 

Of course, we do not recommend to overload your scene with ads, which would drive your users away. It is up to you to find the right ratio between revenue and experience. Using the Admix developer platform, you can activate/deactivate placements on the runtime, so it is always better to create more placements to start with. 

There are no benchmarks for ideal number of ads in a scene – it depends on the content and how native it looks. Some of our publishers have only a few placements per scene, while others can have above 100 (in a street or a stadium for example). 


  1. Use high-CPM ad formats

Different ad formats have different payouts. Video ads pay about 4x higher than banners. This means, 1 impression of a video ad is worth 4 banner ads, making it a much more efficient format. When available commercially, 3D ads will sell for about 20x the price of a banner ad.

Western regions like US, Europe have a high fill rate for videos, while Eastern Europe, Latam and APAC are stronger on banners, so it a compromise based on where your users are based. Overall, we recommend a ratio of 50% banner, 40% video, 10% 3D. You can place different ads and activate/deactivate them on the runtime from the developer platform to maximize your revenue.

For any other questions and advice on how to maximise revenue with Admix, contact your account manager or send an email to

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